A strong team France does not break Mannichester’s unbeaten record

It was the expected fierce battle between Mannichester FC and team France. This past Saturday a French selection let by Pablo Moctezuma and Matthieu challenged the unbeaten team of Mannichester FC with players from India, Brazil, US, Venezuela, Germany, Kenya and Mexico. The French team itself got international support with defender Oscar, midfielder Emil and striker Ferro, all from Venezuela.

Mannichester trusted in a conventional 4-4-2 formation. France chose a more attractive 4-2-3-1 formation, having one extra midfielder in the center:


Mannichester FC

Subs: Raymond (VEN), Javier (MX)


Manni (c) (IN) – Wen (MX) – Danilo (BRA) – Hazael (MX)

Danny (US) – Deyban (VEN) – Kim (GER) – Ryan (US)

Elias (MX) – Edward (KEN)


Matthieu – Leandre – Max

Pablo (c) – Nico

Olivier – Cyril – Oscar – Alfaro


Subs: Ferro, Emil


First Half: Team France breaks through on their left side

Similar to the week before, Mannichester got overrun in the first 15 minutes. Last week Mannichester played against a team of players from all over the world, where some French players already participated. Both times, the French guys Pablo Moctezuma, Nico and Matthieu were responsible for dangerous combinations through their strong left attacking midfield. Captain Manni was often left with two people, making it a great struggle to defend his right side.

But Mannichester survived the first critical minutes without conceding a goal. Then, Deyban and Kim in the midfield managed to organize the game of Mannichester a bit more. A very challenging task, since France had a top class midfield with captain Pablo Moctezuma and always active Nico playing as a double six and Leandre playing on the “10”, distributing the conquered balls well. It was a very quick and vertical game that did not leave much time for any player to stop and pass the ball. Whenever a player took too much time, the ball was taken away from him on both sides.


Second half: France wears down Mannichester FC, but not Daniel Sullivan

The speed of the first half was ones more intensified in the second half. Especially the French team and their Venezuelan supporters were eager to bring the victory home. Pablo Moctezuma was all over the place. Mannichester’s midfield had problems keeping up with the speed of the French midfielders. That allowed for more space for team France. Several attacks were able to be executed but goalkeeper Carlos had an excellent day and made save after save. He made sure the ball would not pass him. Once in a while Mannichester was able to strike a counter attack. In one of those French keeper Chris was chasing midfielder Kim outside the box. The goal was wide open but the German did not manage to lift the ball above the goalkeeper into the goal.

After that, the French team took more and more control. One of the most promising attacks was developed and executed by Moctezuma, who danced around 3 defenders on the edge of the box and took a clear shot right from the center of the box. Keeper Carlos was already defeated with his shot, but to the benefit of Brazilian Danilo and his team the ball only hit the outside post.

Then, out of nothing, the unexpected happened. An attack from the right wing of Mannichester by Venezuelan Raymond ended in a shot by the youngster, which was blocked by goalkeeper Chris. The ball however went into the other direction of the box. Left wing Danny realized the opportunity and ran as fast as he could (which is very fast) towards the ball. But French defender Alfaro was also there. Both tried to reach the ball first. Danny finally had half a step advantage, enough to take a hit on the ball. His shot landed directly at the inner left post of team France, from where it dropped into the net. A tremendous game changer!

After that, team France tried everything to score the equalizer but with 5 minutes left on the clock it was a difficult task. Some more chances were created but soon the referee blew the finishing whistle. Due to their superior physique, team France would have only needed a bit more time to score the equalizer. They will have their next chance to beat the still unbeaten team of Mannichester FC in a few weeks at the return game.

Mannichester FC – France 1:0

Goals: Danny (1:0)


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