11 a side games are back!

Finally we enter the big pitch again!

We are happy to announce that after the summer break the prestigious 11 a side games are back. Captain Manni (Internacionalitos) and Wen (Mexicanitos) will be organizing their teams every Saturday to compete against each other. 

Since July 2018, both teams played 20 times against each other, with Internacionalitos being able to win 10 games and Mexicanitos winning 7 games. The past three games were all won by the locals though. 

We will kick-off the games this Saturday, September 21st with a friendly game between team Mannichester and Team Francia. From next week onwards, the games between Internacionalitos and Mexicanitos will take place. 

Important changes to guarantee competitive games

In order to provide more competitive games on the big 11 a side pitch, those games will only be accessible for people that have at least an intermediary level. That means that players that have not had soccer practice in their life will most likely be asked to not join the 11 a side games. All other games on the Sport12 app keep being accessible for everyone. 

This was concluded due to the importance of having competitive games on the 11 a side pitch. A friendly pick-up game atmosphere does not allow for solid games that everyone can enjoy. 

We hope that those players that are negatively affected by this new rule can understand the decision. We are doing our best to provide more daily games on the app so that everyone will be able to join several games a week. 

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