Our Philosophy

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Sport12 shifts the focus from professional sports to amateur sports. For us the real stars are the amateur players that sacrifice a lot to be able to play sports like tennis, padel or soccer with all their passion.

Everyone should have access to amateur sports and play whenever he or she wants. 


Sport12 - you are the star!

The Team

Our international team assures that national and international sport enthusiasts have a great experience in joining amateur sports. Every member is a Maradona in his field.

Kim Kaiser (GER)

The Visionary

Kim has been playing sports all his life. In his opinion everyone should have access to amateur games.

Maritza Prada (CO)

The Allrounder

Mari is as passionate about creating projects as practising sports. She knows what it takes to create promising projects.

Alan Alcántara (MX)

The Expert

For Alan there are no problems, there are only solutions for specific circumstances. No challenge is too big for him.


Next Steps...

The Sport12 community is growing day by day. With the new Sport12 app sport enthusiasts like you are able to play amateur sports in different parts of Mexico City already. We are expanding the geographic scope of the app. Check out where the games take place by downloading the app now: